• Wissenschafts- und Technologiecampus Dortmund

    One of the leading adresses für high-tech in Germany. About 300 resident companies. A total of more than 10.000 employees.

Neighbourhood with transfer potential

The „Wissenschafts- und Technologiecampus Dortmund“ is among the top 5 high-tech locations in Europe. Far more than 300 companies have settled within the TechnologieZentrumDortmund and the adjacent campus. More than 10.000 people are employed here.Another 10.000 in research institutes and universities.

For competitive companies, the immediate proximity to the Technischen Universität /university, Fachhochschule /the university of applied sciences and  wissenschaftlichen Instituten /the research institutes is a crucial location criteria for the TechnologieParkDortmund.  The active networks and synergies among science and businesses have a magnet effect and promote business development. 

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